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Bronze Age Cereal?   [786호]
Bronze Age Cereal?0Researchers have discovered several ring-shaped objects at a Bronze Age hillfort in eastern Austria. They believe the rings may be an ancient type of cereal.
The site, known as Stillfried, is thought to have been an important center for the storage of grain around 1000 B.C. Hundreds of pits that served as silos still remain, as well as other artifacts.
In a study published on June 5, lead author Andreas Heiss, a bioarchaeologist at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, wrote, “Charred ring-shaped objects were found, consisting of dough made with wheat, barley, and fine flour.” Thus, the rings have been compared to Cheerios, a popular brand of cereal.
However, Heiss wrote that the rings were found alongside objects used during rituals, which means that they probably were not meant to be eaten. He explained, “Although the rings were food items, the overall unusual assemblage suggests that there must have been some further symbolic meaning to them.”
Although Heiss and his team were unable to come to an exact conclusion, they wrote that prehistoric cuisine may have been a lot more complex than we think. Heiss added, “A lot of time and craftsmanship had been invested in the making of these objects.”

Chris Hong
Copy Editor
1. Where did the researchers find the ring-shaped objects from?
2. What brand of cereal were the rings compared to?
3. What were the rings used for?
1. How long do you think it took people from the past to create these rings?
2. Are you interested in recreating and trying any prehistoric cuisine?
3. Do you know of any modern cultures that use food for rituals? 4. How many foods that you eat would be difficult to get if there were no machines to create them?