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Klaus Schwab   [786호]
Klaus Schwab0Believing progress only occurs by involving people of all social classes, Klaus Schwab, a renowned German economist, established the World Economic Forum (WEF), an international organization for public and private cooperation, in 1971. In fact, Schwab founded the WEF in an effort to make positive changes and improve the state of the world. With his commitments, the WEF has made many accomplishments, including working with GoodWeave International, a social enterprise, to launch a program called “Sourcing Freedom” to eradicate slavery in supply chains.
To further achieve global progress, Schwab established several foundations, including the Forum of Young Global Leaders in 2004 and the Global Shapers Community in 2011, allowing young people to raise their voice in global decision-making processes to solve world problems.
Moreover, believing the Fourth Industrial Revolution could bring both benefits and perils to humans, Schwab argued that it has already started, with new technologies having substantial impacts on government, business, economy, and individuals. He suggests that we, humans, need to be responsible in using them in a way where people and technology can be in harmony, in his book titled The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Yejin Hwang
Staff Reporter
1. When was the World Economic Forum founded?
2. What are some foundations created by Klaus Schwab?
3. What does Schwab suggest in his book "The Fourth Industrial Revolution?"
1. Have you heard of the World Economic Forum before?
2. Should more young people get involved in global decision-making processes to solve world problems?
3. Do you agree that the Fourth Industrial Revolution already started? 4. Do you think it is possible to have harmony between people and technology?