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Nadia Murad   [778호]
Nadia Murad0Nadia Murad is an Iraqi human rights activist who won the Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize in 2016 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018. However, what lies behind her reputation is the suffering she experienced from the hands of Islamic State (IS) militants.
In 2014, when Kocho, a village where Murad lived with her family, was attacked by IS militants, they kidnapped Murad. For three months, IS militants confined her, inflicting both sexual and physical assault on her. When she was told by the IS militant she was staying with that he would take her to someone else’s house, she managed to run away.
After that, she decided to become a human rights activist, wanting to share her dreadful story with the whole world to highlight the need to punish IS militants for genocide. Moreover, she decided to become a human rights activist to protect all vulnerable people around the world. In order to make IS militants receive harsh punishment, she is still actively working as a human rights activist.

Yejin Hwang
Staff Reporter
1. What did Nadia Murad receive in 2018?
2. What happened to Murad in 2014?
3. Why did Murad decide to become a human rights activist?
1. What were your initial thoughts after reading Nadia Murad's story?
2. If you were Murad, would you have the courage to escape if given the chance?
3. What do you think a human rights activist typically does to help the world? 4. Do you think IS militants will eventually be punished for their wrongdoings in the near future?