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The Battle Against Harmful Content   [778호]
The Battle Against Harmful Content0Nowadays, most of us are familiar with social networking sites. These platforms help people connect with friends, family, and brands, along with helping them stay up-to-date with news and current events. Using the platforms, people can also make new friends and share their opinions with others. Moreover, they can research new products to buy or find entertaining content to fill up their spare time. However, social media also has adverse effects because it often contains harmful content.
In line with that, the British government has proposed new online safety laws to crack down on harmful content. The government released a paper on “online harms” and urged tech companies to protect users from this type of content. If internet companies fail to protect their users, they could face big fines. According to Jeremy Wright, a British media secretary, the new regulation will apply to any companies that allow their users to share and look for content.
Prime Minister Theresa May said, “We are putting a legal duty of care on these companies to keep users safe. If they fail to do so, tough punishments will be imposed.”

Christine Kim
Staff Reporter
1. What are some positive features offered by social networking sites?
2. What does the British government plan on doing against harmful content?
3. What will happen to internet companies that fail to protect their users?
1. Do you have any negative experiences caused by social networking sites?
2. What do you think of the British government's proposed new online safety laws?
3. What are some things you would consider as online harms? 4. Do you agree that internet companies should be punished if they fail to protect their users?