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Do Singers Have to Be Vocally Talented?   [786호]
Do Singers Have to Be Vocally Talented?0Introduction
Many K-pop idol groups are criticized for their lack of vocal talent. However, some of the greatest singers in the world are known more for their looks, dance skills, or charisma rather than their voice. What makes a good singer anyway?

Do Singers Have to Be Vocally Talented?3Constructive Debater 1 Henry
A singer is someone who sings professionally, so it’s a job. With any job, you should be good at it, right? Therefore, a singer should be able to sing well! By putting talentless idol singers on stage, music companies are undermining vocally gifted singers and hardworking people in general. In 2004, Ashlee Simpson was caught lip-synching on an episode of Saturday Night Live. Not only was she a bad singer, she also had the nerve to lip-synch! That’s like a teacher playing movies during class!

Do Singers Have to Be Vocally Talented?6Constructive Debater 2 Ashley
The Beatles is one of the most beloved groups of all time. Frankly, however, they aren’t the best vocalists in the world. Still, they do have pleasing vocal tones, and their music is timeless. Can you imagine The Beatles belting or doing vocal runs and riffs on a song like “Let It Be”? And Christina Aguilera is a talented singer, but she is constantly criticized for oversinging and using too many vocal techniques. Her Christmas album, for example, was panned by critics for this reason.

Do Singers Have to Be Vocally Talented?9Rebuttal Debater 1 Henry
The Beatles were musically talented, and they at least knew how to sing on key. There are many singers who are terrible at singing, yet they’re still loved and celebrated by millions of people around the world. For example, there’s Britney Spears, the so-called “princess of pop.” She almost never sings live. When she does, she has trouble finding the note and cracks every five seconds. Britney can’t even dance anymore, yet she makes millions of dollars just by walking across the stage to prerecorded vocals.

Do Singers Have to Be Vocally Talented?12Rebuttal Debater 2 Ashley
A singer’s job comes with many responsibilities. They make appearances on TV, perform at concerts, hold fan meetings, and most importantly, they entertain us. Many people support idol groups because of the members’ personalities, charisma, and likeability. Many fans genuinely like their music, too. There are plenty of singers who are vocal powerhouses but aren’t able to sell any records. Like Henry said, singing is a job. Well, to be a good singer, you need to be skilled in all sorts of areas, not just singing.

Do Singers Have to Be Vocally Talented?15Judge’s Comments
Although you should be assertive, remember to stay respectful and speak in a civil manner. There are many ways to strengthen your argument, but bashing people to get your point across is not one of them. Instead, support your argument with solid reasons and evidence.

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Copy Editor
1. According to Henry, what happens when "putting talentless idol singers on stage?"
2. What did Ashley say about Christina Aguilera?
3. What did the judge mention when talking about being assertive?
1. Who do you think won the debate?
2. Do you think singers must be vocally talented?
3. Are you a fan of any singers that are not considered good vocalists? 4. Do you think bashing other people ever results in convincing statements?